Francis Cabrel in London 16 Oct 2018

Francis Cabrel’s music has brought audiences joy for forty years, and now in 2018 the legendary French artist performs live at the Royal Albert Hall!

A celebrated French singer/song writer

A picture of the artist Francis Cabrel
Francis Cabrel

Originally from the South of France, Cabrel’s visionary musical output includes thirteen studio albums, six live albums and greatest hits, with sales of over 25 million units worldwide. He changed the face of French pop music culture forever with songs including Je l’aime à mourir, La corrida, Petite Marie, Je t’aimais, je t’aime, je t’aimerai, L’encre de tes yeux and Sarbacane, among so many others…

Currently working on his new studio album – his fourteenth, Francis Cabrel will perform his songs, new and old in this special concert.

Will you attend?

I was due to attend and booked a ticket but something important kept me away… I would love your views if you have attended or if you have perhaps discovered this Artist through this blog?

Singing along as a way to learn a language…

Singing along is such a great way to learn a language (I know that from singing along as a teen to Kim Wilde, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen…). French radio is inundated with English and American music so much so that a law (the Toulon law) was passed in 1994 to ensure 40% of all music broadcast remains French… This is not a problem you have in England! If you want to hear some French artists, you’ll have to seek them out, which is now very easy with the internet. So… just load up ‘youtube’, type in ‘Francis Cabrel’ and off you go! Some videos will even feature the lyrics to his songs such as the link below. Will you make out his Southern accent I wonder?

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  1. Stephen Prince

    What a brilliant idea! I love listening to French singers but had not thought of singing along. An informative blog post to say the least. Thankx

    • admin

      Yes perhaps singing along is not to everyone’s taste but it so works!

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