Eight of your most asked questions about learning French answered:

How long will it take?

If you are a total beginner, we will need to spend approximately 6 hours on pronunciation before anything else, after which we’ll move on to vocabulary building and grammar.

If you are intermediate, you will feel the benefits after 4 lessons already (improved confidence, invaluable tips).

If you are advanced, one lesson will immediately bring it all back to you!

Do I need to be good in grammar?

If your English grammar is not good to start with, you may want to consider buying a help book worth £8 which will lay it all out simply for you and help you understand what is an ‘infinitive verb’, a ‘pronoun’ or what the ‘subjonctive’ is…

Will I really improve?

Whether you are learning one-to-one or in a class, I can guarantee you will improve or else you get your money back!

Do I need to buy lots of material?

If you are a beginner you may find useful to buy yourself a copy of the pronunciation book we’ll be using Méthode de lecture pour apprendre à lire. For beginners and all others you may find useful to buy the grammar book we’ll be using French Grammar made easy.

For grammar phobics, there is a helpful book you can also buy English Grammar for Students of French.

No purchase is compulsory.

Are you qualified?

I have 18 years of teaching experience in England and have had more than two hundred students to date (November 2018).

I was teaching agency approved by Cactus Language School in Brighton in 2005. Feel free to contact Rod Mitchell for references.

Do I need to commit?

I do operate a 24hr cancellation policy, but apart from that you can stop the lessons at any time, either for a break or forever.

How long can you teach me for and where?

After 5 years based in West Cornwall, I have returned to North Dorset in November 2018 and only plan to go away for short breaks and holidays. I am happy to travel to you for lessons within a reasonable radius from Shaftesbury.

Can you also help with translation?

Yes, of course. Letters, administrative documents… tariffs according to the document.