I am in heaven! Thanks to Magali’s help I got an A at my French exam, which is unbelievable! I told my teacher ‘this is not possible!’ when she told me the good news… My family thanks her very much. They say it’s the teacher that makes the difference! Of course, they are also proud of me and of my efforts….

Li Shuangyi from China studying in England

My wife and I are middle-aged professionals who had not studied French since our schooldays. Having Magali to teach us was an inspired choice! Magali is charming, amusing and a talented teacher of the language.

We had private lessons with her over a period of nearly 4 years. During this time, our French improved by leaps and bounds. So much so that when we holidayed in France many people commented about how good our spoken French was! We would thoroughly recommend Magali to anyone seeking to improve their French language skills.

Timothy and Nicola, Dorset

Having wasted lots of time and money on evening classes, I was pleased to find a French national teaching French who turned out to be worth her weight in gold.

Magali fulfilled her web notice as well as my longing to focus on pronunciation and vocabulary whilst developing my conversational skills, with as much concentration on grammar as I wanted, whilst all the time stretching me further, fulfilling my ambition to speak and understand more French, language, culture and colloquialisms. Not only did I find Magali continually encouraging, I found her inspiring in enabling me to progress in speaking, hearing and writing French.

Ashley, Shaftesbury, Dorset

‘I have been meaning to take up French lessons since I did A-level French at school.

After being recommended to Magali by work colleagues I started lessons within a week.
I thoroughly enjoy my lessons. In the short notice I have been taught by Magali I feel that I have made good progress as she is an excellent (and very patient!) teacher.’

James, Gillingham, Dorset

Friendly and professional, lessons with Magali are a pleasure and are sure to help anybody improve their spoken or written French.

I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone considering lessons, whether just “brushing up” your French or an absolute beginner.

Phil, Gillingham, Dorset

Six or so years ago we decided to buy a ‘holiday home’ in France and began our search. My husband had ‘schoolboy’ French, but for me French language was totally non-existent, having only had German lessons in my very distant school days. We struggled for a couple of years both with our search and very poor French and then we found Magali.

Her patience with a pair of ‘seniors’ that had trouble in remembering day to day, let alone lesson to lesson, was immense and every session proved to be both enjoyable and valuable. Now, four years since the start of those lessons, we have our house in France and many French friends with whom, thanks to Magali, we can converse easily and without embarrassment. An excellent teacher who truly deserves our thanks.

Mary & David, Zeals, Wiltshire

As a wine merchant that imports predominantly French wines, it is vital
that we are able to communicate with
our suppliers on many levels.Magali has improved our vocabulary and confidence in the year that we have been taught by her. She has been a useful asset to our business.
Yapp Brothers, wine merchants Yapp Brothers
wine merchants
Mere Wiltshire
BA12 6DY

I began to try to improve my French some years ago, from a very low level of half-remembered secondary school incompetence At first using CD language courses and some classes I made little progress, before happening upon Magali.

Under her careful tutelage, my French has improved by leaps and bounds, and I can say with hind-sight, that the biggest obstacle to speaking French in France is just confidence, and nothing can give you that better than the opportunity to interact with a native speaker who can catch your errors and answer your questions. Not to mention tweak your pronunciation; I even get complements from French people an my accent and that is entirely due to Magali’s help. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Simon, Mere, Wiltshire

I had visited France several times over the last few years and was determined to learn French so that I could enjoy the people and country more, I searched for a French tutor near to my home and found Magali a natural French speaker.

Magali is an exceptionally talented teacher and very patient, I found her teaching style suited my learning style, Magali’s lessons were well planned and paced at a speed to suit myself. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Magali to anyone wishing to learn or in prove their French.

Paul, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Magali managed to balance the complexity of the French language with extremely lucid and clear explanations, and deliver it through a a very re-assuring teaching style. I was able to make rapid progress, in time for a family ski holiday in the French Alps!

Graham, Ashmore, Dorset

‘I started learning French with Magali in December 2003. I have learnt a lot and it has made a real difference learning with a native speaker. My children are also learning with Magali. They adore her and really look forward to her lessons. Magali always encourages me and doesn’t just teach from a text book but arrives with lots of varied texts to read and translate. I have learnt a lot from Magali and feel much more confident when I visit France.’

Claire Baldwin, Stour Row, Dorset

For about a year, I have had lessons.
My French was quite basic at the start but I have progressed and can now talk in French for most of the lesson.

Maggie has a humour that makes learning easy and fun.You also learn from a native about French life and customs.

Cath, Shaftesbury, Dorset

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